When I saw this quote recently it stopped me in my tracks as it so describes what has happened for me over the past couple of years as I’ve started to shed old layers of my identity and stepped into new ones.

For me, things started to change when I accepted the offer of redundancy from my corporate job that I’d been in for 37 years, doing the right thing, having the good job that paid for my house, car, holidays, lifestyle etc. , yet I often felt like it wasn’t really me and I was doing it wrong or in fact getting life wrong in some ways, as I hadn’t done what I thought I would when I was younger.

For the last few years in that job, I started to dig my virtual ‘escape tunnel’ by doing things just for me, following what felt good and helped ease the stress that I put down to the job and more. I was doing what I now call ‘following the breadcrumbs’ – I got attuned in reiki, learned to teach meditation, discovered NLP and found a new practical approach to spirituality that helped me to make sense of my life and let go of so many things that I’d been carrying around with me, dragging me down for years. I began to feel better and learned that ‘life is for living’! That means we get to choose and do what feels good to us and let living in a high vibrational way be our priority, that’s true self-love.

As I learned these techniques and found how to release myself from so much that had been holding me back, 2 things started to happen. Firstly, I started to find out who I really was beneath it all & to like that person so much more (even dare I say it to love myself, who’d have thought?) I wouldn’t say that was an easy journey and that’s a much longer story for another day, in fact a continuing story as I go through life and come up against the big challenges we all face at one time or another. The second thing that happened was I had a real desire to share what I’d learned with other people and to help them through the process of change somehow, although I had no real clue or idea how I was going to do that! I just knew it was something I had to do in some way. I knew that me finding my way out of feeling lost and stuck could help others too and I continued on my quest to develop skills to do that – qualifying as a life coach and a Master NLP practitioner on top of the other things I’d previously done.

My project to help me achieve that was about Embodying a New Identity and I studied people I admired who’d successfully done that to learn how it was done and create a model I could use and share. You may remember that moment shortly after you pass your driving test when you suddenly realise that the real learning starts afterwards when you’re left alone to drive a car by yourself without anyone else to take over? Well that’s absolutely how it was for me after I left work and started setting up as an empowerment coach.

As with everything up until that point and still very much true for me now, what I learn and experience for myself is what I go on to share and help others with. I’m a great believer that you teach what you need to learn and vice versa.

That identity shift and learning process has continued to evolve with the death of my Mum last year. I felt adrift and lost again and yet at the same time had a strong calling to embrace the gifts of change and help others do the same for themselves. I love watching clients shed their old layers and become who they truly are, it’s such a gift to witness their transformation and that’s what’s really helped me through tough times too. If I’m honest, helping them move forward does the same for me too.

I recently stepped into another layer of my new identity by sharing my energetic healing gift in front of an audience for the first time. Although I was nervous, I enjoyed it and I absolutely loved hearing about the individual and personal experiences people had afterwards. They blew me away with the way they connected with love for themselves and so much more.

I’m continuing to explore this new me and flourish, learn and grow alongside those I impact and I’m excited to see what being ‘even more me’ brings about this year.

In a beautiful synchronicity when I was working with a client yesterday, I asked her about a goal she’d recently set for herself outside our sessions and she said it was “To be more me” with a big smile on her face. So my question to you is “In what way are you choosing to be even more you this year?”