Have you ever felt there’s more to life than meets the eye? It’s because there is, so much more than the eye can see. Each of us has a divine Team of Guides eagerly awaiting the opportunity to connect with you and awaken you to the power and potential you possess. These remarkable beings are present to empower you, offer unwavering guidance and help you remember you are just as special. Even if you’re only learning about them now, they’ve always been there, anticipating the moment you’d reach out and invite them to join you on your journey.

But have you ever thought you may already know some of your Guides? When you hear the term, what does that evoke for you? Perhaps angels or a guardian angel, some sort of high vibrational being who only people with ‘special powers’ or those who are exceptionally gifted can access? Maybe you thought you’d have to be a medium to connect with your loved ones again or you just don’t believe in it at all.

Yet we all have an innate ability to connect with someone or something beyond ourselves and it can be easier than you think. Yes it takes some time and effort on your part and you need guidance and support, but think about the powerful connection you have with someone you’ve known and loved all your life or that you had a deep friendship with, that doesn’t just disappear just because they’re no longer here physically. You can easily remember what their presence, their energy, the feeling of sitting next to them and being with them for real feels like, it’s so familiar you’ll just know it. I’m sure you’ve had moments of knowing they were with you without trying too hard or even intending to do so at all, you just sensed something and either acknowledged it or dismissed it as your imagination at the time.

Or maybe there’s someone you always looked up to and admired, a ‘guru’ if you like, a writer, musician, scientist, artist or another influential person you followed and felt drawn to or had an affinity with that continues now. Perhaps you’d love to invite them to your fantasy dinner party so you could sit down and have a fascinating conversation with them? I’m sure you can all bring someone like that to mind.

These are just some of the Guides we have, people who have been a guiding light, a positive influence or a companion to us throughout our lives during their lifetime, whether you’ve actually met them or not and you may well discover that you can continue that relationship if you choose to, that they can continue to support and love you now and help you in new ways if you’re open to the possibility and willing to try.

I’ve often helped my clients do this, sometimes through a strong desire to do so and sometimes spontaneously. People who have previously feared connecting with a loved one as they might be overwhelmed have felt the exact opposite and now can experience that feeling of togetherness and powerful loving presence again for themselves and continue to connect with them easily now.

So your Guides don’t have to be a Native American chief, an archangel or an ‘other worldly being’ (although they might be if that’s what you’re deeply interested in or fascinated by!), they can be a familiar presence you were meant to meet and learn from or to reconnect with for another purpose.

So if you’re open to the possibilities and you’d like to explore them, I invite you to become part of an uplifting community of Soul Family, all united by a shared passion for personal expansion and enlightenment. On this journey of growth, you’ll get carefully crafted sessions responsive to your individual experiences, you’ll share these with fellow seekers, encouraging each other in a high-vibration environment that nurtures collaborative learning, practice, and development. Together, we’ll embark on a journey that transcends individual boundaries and propels us toward the extraordinary, so you can truly flourish as all that you are. We start on Monday 28th August and I’d love you to join us there.

In just 6 weeks, Flourish with Your Guides will open you up to a realm of profound self-discovery and growth. You’ll receive simple yet potent tools, along with powerful energetic practices that effortlessly amplify your connection to your Higher Self and Guides. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or entirely new to this world, my unique content and support will ensure you feel confident and ready to embrace the journey ahead.

It’s time to turn your aspirations into reality. Flourish with Your Guides isn’t just another programme; it’s your bridge to a life enriched by purpose, connection, and boundless potential.

To find out more and take the next step on your journey, click here https://livingyourbestlifecoaching.co.uk/product/guides/

You can also reach out to me for a chat too, so I can answer any questions you might have.