Have you ever had one of those joining the dots moments when something falls into place for you all of a sudden, something clicks and you have a moment of recognition, of a knowing, a deeper understanding, a fresh perspective that has only now fully made sense. A lightbulb or A-ha moment about something that’s been bubbling under the surface for some time – maybe you’ve had little glimpses of it over years and dismissed it, thought that was it? Thought you’d understood it, learnt the lesson and moved on with your life?

And then suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the last piece of the jigsaw falls into place in your mind randomly and there’s a moment of all the cherries lining up on the slot machine & Jackpot! Ding, ding, ding! Here’s the understanding you’ve been searching for – this is what you needed to know about this, about you and who you are now with this knowledge. It might also feel a bit like “Duh, I knew that all along, why didn’t I recognise it until now? Why wasn’t it obvious to me before this moment, that would have been really helpful to know – it would have saved me making a lot of mistakes and avoided a lot of heartache too!”

The thing is, they weren’t mistakes, they were actually the steps you had to take to get to this point, to reach the holy grail of knowledge, to find the golden treasure of wisdom and to know that it was within you all along. You planned it that way, you set it up so that the people, places and events would happen over time so you could reach that point and then you would know what to do with that new-found wisdom, that clarity, that ‘inner ding’ of “Oh, I get it now”. You wouldn’t have had that before this point in time.

I’ve had a few of these lately and the more it happens, the picture I get in my mind is of these all being like skittles, knocking down the next one and the next one until they’ve all fallen into place and then Strike! I’ve won! I’ve reached a new level!

They can be really profound, deeply personal ‘full circle’ moments where you understand how something began and that it has now ended for you, so you can move on with a fresh perspective and appreciation of the circumstances that brought you to this point. That may make you feel like you’ve been temporarily knocked down by the weight of it too, like you’ve been floored for a bit, like one of those skittles while you process the significance. It can be emotional, yet if you allow that to settle it can quickly bring you relief along with the release. It’s so powerful and brings certainty and peace along with the clarity.

Of course, as tends to happen for me, I’ve also realised I am doing it for myself at the same time as doing this for others too. I’m giving them the experience of stepping into a new level of who they are. In doing that it is also true for me and the truth is, we agreed to do this for each other, at this point in time. To be in collaboration with each other and co-create a new story, write a new ending together.

So I felt I had to share this new level of understanding in the hope it might make you pause and reflect and notice where that’s happened for you lately. If it hasn’t happened yet, trust that it will and you’ll be able to see it for what it is when it does. I hope this gives you a moment of reflection and a new appreciation of how far you’ve come too.

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