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What if you could get a sneak preview of your BEST LIFE?

How do you feel right now about the year ahead? Excited and energised about the way your life is going? Or already feeling like you’ve lost momentum with the intentions you set at New Year? Maybe you have a vision of what your life could be like if there were no limits.

But it feels just like a far-off dream for now. Or do you know in your heart of hearts that you’re meant for so much more and you can’t escape the feeling that it’s finally time to take action and do something about it? No more waiting around, you want it now?

“I was able to actually see scenes, see myself in them and it felt very real.  I can see steps that I can take even today, see myself taking steps into those scenes, making it a reality.” LA

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With this transformational MASTERCLASS, you’ll experience powerful energetic tools & techniques to help you connect to your Vision, feel empowered, and take those first steps to experience it for real.

Get connected to what it really feels like to live that way and start to magnetise it towards you.


“I felt inspired and soul-lit again after this class, on track again”  JB



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This is for you if you are ready to …

Connect with your vision

Make a commitment to yourself

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REady for growth

Do you want to feel soul-lit, inspired, and excited for change?

Create that lifestyle of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to step into your best life, join me on Zoom for this 2-hour masterclass to start changing your life – click the link below to sign up now.

Hello, I’m Gwenne

Hi, my name’s Gwenne from Living Your Best Life Coaching. I’m an Empowerment Coach and my mission is to connect women with their dreams, vision and purpose so they can live a life they love.

After over 30 years working in corporate, I felt stuck and deeply unsatisfied with my life, I knew for a long time there had to be “more to life than this” and I absolutely had to take action to change my reality.

Now as an empowerment coach, I use NLP, spiritual guidance, and energy work to help my clients shift their reality and to Live Their Best Life.

“I listened to the guidance I got at the end of the session and just trusted that the Universe would prevail….then I got an email from a charity I’d wanted to work with asking if I could work with them!”  GH

Join us live on zoom, as the bonus will be something for everyone there on the call

Replay available afterward so you can reconnect with the practices.